Bob Saget's Video To Josh Gad's Kids During Pandemic Ensures He's Going To Heaven

The comedian reached out to the "Frozen" actor's family after they binge-watched "Full House" during days of "darkness."

“Frozen” actor Josh Gad added a touching entry to Bob Saget’s do-good canon following the comedian’s abrupt death. (Watch the video below.)

Co-stars and other entertainers have hailed Saget as a kind and generous person after the “Full House” star was found dead in his Orlando, Florida, hotel room on Sunday.

But Gad’s Instagram post on Monday may have topped all the tributes. The “Murder on the Orient Express” star explained in the caption that he told Saget a year ago that “Full House” was his daughters’ favorite show and that it gave them comfort during the “darkness” of the pandemic.

“Within minutes I received this video,” Gad said. “I truly hope it brings you the same smile & joy it brought our family. Hard to watch through tears, but this was the essence of the selfless, genuine, beautiful, loving soul that was Bob Saget.”

In the video clip, Saget joked about being older than his character, Danny Tanner, was in the sitcom and told Gad’s children — Ava and Isabella, now 11 and 7 — how great their dad is. Saget also shared that he had become a stickler for cleanliness like Danny because of the pandemic.

“I use hand sanitizer all day long. Literally, it’s always at my disposal,” he told the girls. “I have a cleaning rag that’s microfiber. I have become Danny Tanner.”

On Monday, Gad told Today’s Hoda Kotb that “my girls got through the pandemic discovering ‘Full House.’”

“And as Danny Tanner was a surrogate father to me after my parents got divorced and I was growing up watching ‘Full House,’ and him being this anchor keeping his family together, watching my girls process this trauma of this sort of loss they were going through with COVID was sort of one of the greatest gifts I could have ever imagined,” Gad said.

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