Bob Schieffer: Edward Snowden 'Is No Hero' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Schieffer Slams Edward Snowden

Bob Schieffer tore into Edward Snowden on Sunday's "Face the Nation," saying that the NSA leaker "is no hero" for fleeing the United States.

The CBS News anchor voiced his disapproval on Sunday, saying:

"I like people who are willing to stand up to the government. As a reporter, it’s my job to do that from time to time. Some of the people I admire most are in the government. Men and women who led the civil rights movement— Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr.—they are true heroes. I’m not ready to put Edward Snowden in that category. For one thing, I don’t remember Martin Luther King, Jr. or Rosa Parks running off and hiding in China. The people who led the civil rights movement were willing to break the law and suffer the consequences. That’s a little different than putting the nation’s security at risk and running away."

Schieffer noted that his criticism of Snowden did not mean that he approved of the programs that he helped reveal to the public, saying "I don’t know yet if the government has over-reached since 9/11 to reinforce our defenses, and we need to find out. What I do know, though, is that these procedures were put in place and are being overseen by officials we elected and we should hold them accountable."

He continued, "I think what we have in Edward Snowden is just a narcissistic young man who has decided he is smarter than the rest of us. I don’t know what he is beyond that, but he is no hero. If he has a valid point—and I’m not even sure he does—he would greatly help his cause by voluntarily coming home to face the consequences."

Snowden leaked top-secret information about the NSA's domestic surveillance programs to the media. He fled to Hong Kong, where he revealed his identity. His current whereabouts are unknown, though he is believed to be in Hong Kong. He said that he plans to stay in the city until he is asked to leave, and to fight any extradition attempts by the U.S. in the local court system.

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