Bob Schieffer Says Goodbye On His Last 'Face The Nation'

WATCH: Schieffer Signs Off

Bob Schieffer bid a heartfelt goodbye to viewers during his last time hosting CBS' "Face The Nation" on Sunday.

"I'm going to miss being in the middle of things," he said. "But the one thing I will never forget is the trust you placed in me, and how nice you were to have me as a guest in your home over so many years. That meant the world to me, and it always will. Thank you."

Schieffer announced his retirement in April after 24 years at the helm of "Face The Nation." Before that he was CBS' chief Washington correspondent. He had been with the network since 1969.

In his farewell address, he recalled how he began his storied career in journalism.

"As I prepared for this last broadcast as moderator of 'Face the Nation,' I thought back to when I was in the ninth grade and saw my byline in the school newspaper and decided right then I wanted to be a reporter," he said.

Colleagues and former guests paid tribute to the veteran newsman on social media.

CBS' John Dickerson will take over his hosting duties.

You can watch Schieffer's full goodbye in the video or read a transcription here.

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