Bob Woodward Says Clinton Emails Remind Him Of The Nixon Tapes

The veteran journalist compared the email controversy to the Watergate cover-up.

Bob Woodward, the Washington Post reporter who famously helped break the news of the Watergate scandal, said Hillary Clinton's private email server reminds him of Richard Nixon's secretly recorded Oval Office conversations.

Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Monday, Woodward compared the controversy over the former secretary of state's emails to Nixon's cover-up of Watergate. 

"Follow the trail here," he said. "There are all these emails. Well, they were sent to someone or someone sent them to her, so if things have been erased here, there's a way to go back to who originated these emails or who received them from Hillary Clinton."

He continued, "It, in a way, reminds me of the Nixon tapes. Thousands of hours of secretly recorded conversations that Nixon thought were exclusively his. ... Hillary Clinton initially took that position: 'I'm not turning this over, there's gonna be no cooperation.' Now they're cooperating. This has to go on a long, long time, and the answers are probably not going to be pretty." 

Watch Woodward's comments above.

The Democratic presidential hopeful's emails have been a source of controversy since the New York Times reported earlier this year that Clinton used a private email server during her time at the State Department. Clinton, who turned over work-related emails to the State Department, has said that her emails contained no classified information, and that the emails she deleted from the server were personal. Last week, amid an FBI review into the security of the system, Clinton handed over her private email server to the Justice Department.

While investigators have said at least two of the emails handed over to the State Department were categorized as "top secret," Clinton's camp says the emails were not classified at the time. Speaking at the Iowa State Fair last weekend, Clinton maintained she kept classified correspondence off her server. 

"The facts are the same as they have been from the very beginning," she said.

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