Bob Woodward Is Really Happy He's Not Constantly Covering The Russia Probe

This is one story the veteran journalist is relieved to be passing up.

Bob Woodward helped break perhaps the biggest story on any president in the 20th century, but he’s glad he’s not working on the Russia inquiry.

In an interview published Sunday, the veteran Washington Post journalist told The New York Times it’s a relief not to be reporting on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

“I say to you on the record, I am thankful I don’t have to cover this story on a daily basis,” he said.

The statement comes amid scandal swirling around a disputed BuzzFeed News report alleging that President Donald Trump instructed former fixer Michael Cohen to lie about the negotiations for the so-called Moscow project, a proposed Trump tower in Russia.

Shortly after the story emerged last week, Mueller’s office took the rare measure of issuing a response stating that the story was inaccurate, though it did not specify what was or was not true.

The issue with the age of digital news, Woodward added, is the implicit expectation that information on matters like the ongoing and very complex Muller investigation be delivered at the speed of light.

“The hydraulic pressure in the system is just so great,” he told the Times. “The impatience of the internet — ‘give it to us immediately’ — drives so much, it’s hard to sort something like this out.”

Though the remarks from Mueller’s team have thrown BuzzFeed’s report into question, the outlet continues to say it has total confidence in the story, telling CNN on Sunday it will “be borne out to be accurate.”