Read Bob Woodward's Very First (And Very Funny) Tweet

The iconic journalist makes fun of his Luddite-self.

Sure he may be the last one to the party, but legendary journalist Bob Woodward -- the iconic 72-year-old reporter, author and now an editor of The Washington Post -- just sent out his very first tweet. Imagine if the Twitterverse had existed during the Watergate scandal? His job would have required a whole lot less shoe leather.

As Poynter noted, Woodward used the opportunity of his first tweet to poke fun at his Stone Age approach to technology. He links to a video that compares his Ludditeness to Ben Bradlee. As for most of us, Woodward will always be the one played by Robert Redford. (See if you catch the reference in the video!) 

And in case you missed the movie ...

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