Bobak Ferdowsi's Mohawk Blows Up Twitter As NASA's Curiosity Rover Lands On Mars

He Works At NASA?

"Curiosity" got the best of the internet last night.

On August 6, around 1:30am, the NASA rover Curiosity successfully landed on Mars after a perilous "seven minutes of terror." The livestream and television coverage of the event showed the rover's journey, as well as Mission Control overseeing the landing.

But the internet's attention was split.

Among the the tense faces and blue-shirted NASA workers, one man stood out from the rest. Activity Lead Bobak Ferdowsi's red and blue tinged mohawk, with yellow stars dyed on the side of his head, quickly caught the focus of viewers, spawning memes and Twitter posts to rally around Curiosity, as well as the "NASA mohawk guy." A Tumblr account titled "NASA Needs More Mohawks," devoted to Ferdowsi's awesomeness, features a now-iconic photo of Ferdowsi in the control room, with the caption, "Guides a rover through space and into my heart."

Check out Ferdowsi's famed coif (below):

bobak ferdowsi mohawk

Buzzfeed reported Ferdowsi's Twitter account had less than 200 followers pre-epic hairdo. Since the landing of Curiosity, the account has accumulated over 16,000 followers (and counting). He even referenced his new-found fame with the following tweet:

According to the Atlantic, Ferdowsi has a new hairstyle for every mission. This particular look was voted on by his team in Mission Control, and was "meant to be patriotic as well as cosmic."

Check out how Twitter responded below, and then let us know what you think about Ferdowsi's famous mohawk and internet stardom in the comments section, or tweet us your thoughts (@HuffPostTech). (video h/t @WhatsTrending)

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