'Bobalife' By Fung Brothers Presents Health Benefits Of Taiwanese Tea Drink (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Boba Means Boobies'

Most people probably know boba milk tea as the hermetically sealed Taiwanese sweet drink that can be customized with tapioca, fruit, pudding and other additions. But there's a lot more to the drink than many might realize.

Did you know that boba milk tea has a lot of unsung health benefits? Because they're high in calories, they'll help you grow "boobies," according to a fun new music video by San Gabriel Valley comedians David and Andrew Fung.

But don't worry, girls -- your shapely new form won't result in new temptations. If you love boba milk tea, you'll probably spend a lot of free time at boba cafes playing wholesome games like jenga, studying or being too shy to talk to that guy you like. That means you're not getting drunk, which cuts down on making bad decisions that could lead to STDs or unwanted pregnancies.

What a find! We just may have uncovered the "fuel" behind all those model minority myths. Edu-tainment at its finest. Thanks, Fung Brothers.

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