Bobbi Brown's Son Gets Her To Reveal The One Thing She Wishes She'd Done Differently

"I wish I'd played more."

HuffPost's new parent-child interview series Talk To Me examines the close and often complex relationships between parents and their kids, and gives people all over the world the opportunity to ask their parents the questions they've always wanted to ask.

Renowned makeup artist and businesswoman Bobbi Brown knows a thing or two about multitasking. While building her cosmetics empire, she was raising three boys, which left her with little room to "play," she told her son, Dylan, in a one-on-one interview.

"I wish I'd played more, but I was working and being with you guys at the same time, which I am glad I did instead of not being with you guys," Bobbi says in her Talk To Me episode shown above. Her son kept with the probing questions and asked his mom to share her guilty pleasure, her advice for future generations and even the things she may have lied about in past interviews. In the video above, you'll watch Bobbi open up to her son and also get a peek at their playful relationship.

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