Bobbi Eden, Netherlands Porn Star, Promises World Cup Oral Sex To Twitter Followers

Porn Star Makes Strange World Cup Oral Sex Pledge

In a year already featuring odd World Cup promises, porn star Bobbi Eden appears to have outdone her competitors. The Dutch erotic actress wrote on Twitter that she "will give a BJ to all my followers" if the Netherlands wins the soccer tournament this weekend.

Having vanquished Uruguay in the semifinals, the Netherlands is just one win away from potentially triggering an oral sex extravaganza. According to the bizarre tweet, several fellow actresses could join the the festivities. Eden currently has more than 23,000 followers.

Eden is not the first woman to make an erotic oath during the 2010 World Cup. Gorgeous lingerie model Larissa Riquelme promised to run naked through the streets of Paraguay if her team won the tournament. When the Paraguayans were eliminated in the quarterfinals, it seemed that the South American beauty's vow would not be realized. However, Riquelme has decided to run nude after all, as a "present" to Paraguay's soccer players.

Scroll down for tweets from Eden.

If #ned wins the #worldcup I will give a BJ to all my followers,together with @vickyvette @misshybrid @gabbyquinteros 4898 and counting RTless than a minute ago via web


YYEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Party Time!!!!!!!!! #teamBJ right on target!!! I'm off to PARTY C-U in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!less than a minute ago via web


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