Bobby Jindal Giving Rebuttal To Obama's First Address To Congress

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who some conservatives adamantly believe will become president one day, is slated to give the Republican response to Barack Obama's late February address to Congress.

The high-profile spot provides Jindal, a young conservative of Indian descent, with the type of exposure that could catapult him even higher in the hierarchy of the GOP. Already, he is believed to be one of the party's brightest stars, drawing comparisons -- superficial rather than ideological -- to Barack Obama.

Certainly the task of the State of the Union response (though Obama's address is not technically a State of the Union) has provided tremendous exposure to certain Democrats in the past eight years. The last three speakers -- Governors Kathleen Sebelius, Tim Kaine, and Sen. Jim Webb -- all now have fairly prominent national profiles. But Sebelius and Kaine owe at least as much of their fame to their proximity to Obama as to their speeches, which received mixed reviews.