Bobby Jindal Is Kenneth The Page (VIDEO)

Bobby Jindal Is Kenneth The Page (VIDEO)

As our friends over at Buzzfeed pointed out: The blogosphere was atwitter last night with comparisons between Bobby Jindal and Kenneth the page from NBC's "30 Rock."

Andrew Sullivan found that if you closed your eyes during Jindal's response to Obama, you were sure to see sweet Kenneth Parcell's face float through your head. Sullivan went on to say that he "can barely count the number of emails making that observation."

Mattfraction on Twitter noted that "Within an hour of the speech, a Google search for "jindal kenneth 30 rock" yielded almost 75,000 hits." It now offers more than 85,000.

Our own Jason Linkins saw the undeniable similarities and said:

"If it wasn't such a dead-on comparison it would be catty to say out loud...but there's no denying it: Bobby Jindal was totally channeling Kenneth The Page from NBC's '30 Rock' tonight. (With maybe a touch of 'Moviefone guy.')"

Gawker offers a bet: "$20 on the already-hot Jack McBrayer playing Jindal this weekend on 'Saturday Night Live'," and (maybe most impressively) the Daily What found this .gif of Jindal morphing into Mr. Parcell.

So what do you think? They're both Southern, and they both have weird religious things going on what with Jindal's exorcisms and Kenneth's views that "choosing is a sin" and that hot is "the devil's temperature." They also both have the tendency to look like they're dressing up in their fathers' suits.

Is this the kind of hard-hitting interview we can expect in the 2012 election?

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