Bobby Jindal Would Vote For A Muslim Candidate If He Strongly Resembled A Christian

Or, hint hint, he would also support "a Christian Governor from Louisiana."
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) has weighed in on the recent controversy ignited by another GOP presidential hopeful, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who told NBC's Chuck Todd on Sunday that he "would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation."

In a Monday statement, Jindal said it was "absurd" for Todd to ask Carson whether he'd vote for a Muslim presidential candidate.

"This is a dumb game that the press is playing," Jindal said. "It is an absurd hypothetical question. But let’s indulge the media for a moment and play their gotcha game."

He continued with a hypothetical of his own.

"If you can find me a Muslim candidate who is a Republican, who will fight hard to protect religious liberty, who will respect the Judeo-Christian heritage of America, who will be committed to destroying ISIS and radical Islam, who will condemn cultures that treat women as second class citizens and who will place their hand on the Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution, then yes, I will be happy to consider voting for him or her," Jindal said.

It's not clear exactly what the governor means by "respecting the Judeo-Christian heritage of America," especially since the framers of the Constitution specifically declined to establish a national religion. But between that and the Bible thing, Jindal's ideal Muslim candidate kind of sounds like ... a Christian, basically.

Thoughtfully, Jindal also offered an alternative course of action.

"If you can’t [find a candidate like that], I’ll settle for voting for a Christian Governor from Louisiana," he said.

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