This Orphaned Puppy Fits Purrfectly Into His Feline Foster Family

We’re not kitten you.

Here’s a story that will turn your heart to fluff.

When Bobby, a Chihuahua puppy, was 5 days old, his mom was hit by a car and killed. But thanks to a feline foster mom -- a cat named Gwen -- Bobby, is now is totally thriving as part of a litter of kittens.


In fact, the results are so successful (and sweet), a video of the blended family was posted to Michigan Humane Society’s Facebook page on April 22 and it’s been viewed almost 60,000 and shared over 11,000 times.

According to MHS, it is crucial for a pup Bobby’s age to have mother’s milk in order to grow healthy and strong. Unfortunately there were no lactating dogs at Bobby’s shelter, but thanks to the creativity of someone at one of MHS’ transfer partners, Bobby was paired with Gwen who, along with her litter of kittens, welcomed the puppy into her family with open paws:

“It’s a misconception that cats and dogs can’t get along, and as we see at the Michigan Humane Society, they can often become loving family members,” Ryan McTigue, a spokesperson for MHS told Detroit Free Press. “Mother cat Gwen’s acceptance of Bobby as an addition to her litter of kittens is a wonderful example of that!”

Bobby, who is now 5 weeks old, and the rest of the litter will stay with Gwen for a few more weeks until they’re all healthy and old enough to be adopted.

According to Bobby’s donation page, when he begins eating solid food, he’ll be transferred to a foster home with other dogs, so he can learn to socialize. It’s a move that will be beneficial to Bobby, but heartbreaking for some of his “litter-mates,” especially one small kitten that MHS claims follows Bobby everywhere he goes.

That's doggone sweet!

If you would like to help Bobby grow strong, make a donation to the Michigan Humane Society, here.



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