Bobby Moynihan Reveals Wife Is Having A Girl With Sweet 'Wonder Woman' Tribute

"Thanks for making it easier to be a dad."
06/06/2017 12:41pm ET

Bobby Moynihan is so ready to show his daughter the new “Wonder Woman” movie. Only thing is ... his daughter hasn’t been born yet.

The “Saturday Night Live” alum and his wife, Brynn O’Malley, are currently expecting their first child.

Bruce Glikas via Getty Images
Moynihan and his wife, Brynn O-Malley are expecting their first child.

On Monday, Moynihan posted a photo of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman on Instagram and revealed that he and O’Malley are having a baby girl.

Addressing the film’s director, he captioned the photo, “‪Hi @PattyJenks. Big fan. Quick question. How soon do you think is appropriate to show my daughter @WonderWomanFilm? She’s due in July.”

He added, “Thanks for making it easier to be a Dad. What an amazing, beautiful movie. Thanks to you and @gal_gadot.”

Indeed, “Wonder Woman” fever has struck parents and kids alike. In fact, many parents are sharing photos of their young daughters dressed as the famous superhero.

Girl power for the win!

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