Bobby Newberry's 'Lit' Is A Sexy Ode To Love At First Sight

The singer-choreographer says he has no qualms about expressing his authentic self through music and dance.

Singer, songwriter and choreographer Bobby Newberry hopes to demonstrate the universality of love and physical attraction with his new song, “Lit.”

The Los Angeles-based artist teamed up with Brazillian rapper Aleff to record the song, released June 21. The “Lit” video, which can be viewed above, sees the two men rocking a number of cutting-edge, Jeremy Scott-designed looks as they revel in city alleyways alongside “RuPaul’s Drag Race” veteran Laganja Estranj.

“You got me feelin’ lit, but no, it ain’t the liquor,” Newberry sings on the track, which also features Aleff rapping in Portuguese.

The 31-year-old said the lyrics of “Lit” were inspired by a time when he felt “an instant, undeniable attraction and connection” to someone after a first meeting.

“It’s about feeling that magic when you meet someone, like butterflies in the stomach,” he told HuffPost.

Having Scott provide custom looks for the video was a privilege, too.

“He’s just so talented, such an icon and visionary,” he said. “I feel so blessed and lucky to get to work with him and call him a friend as well.”

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The club-friendly track, which debuted June 21 on Out magazine’s website, will be featured on Newberry’s forthcoming album. Though he doesn’t divulge many details, he said he’ll release a new song from the album every two weeks.

Naming Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Kanye West as among his musical influences, Newberry first established himself in the world of dance, but he has been writing and recording songs for about seven years. He said he has no qualms about expressing his sexuality through his music, videos and choreography.

“I made the decision to be open and talk about guys in my songs and be openly gay because I want to always be an authentic artist, be real,” he said. “And also to inspire up-and-coming artists so they can do whatever they want and be their authentic selves as well.”

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