Bobby Tufts, 4-Year-Old Dorset, Minnesota Mayor, Says 'I'm The Boss' (VIDEO)

4-Year-Old Mayor: 'I'm The Boss!'

Two weeks into his second term as mayor of Dorset, Minn., 4-year-old Bobby Tufts laid down the law on Monday.

Tufts woke up early for an interview with MSNBC's "Jansing and Co.," cracking a yawn before getting to some tough questions. When it came time to establish who was leader of the town, the boy did not mince words.

"I'm the boss!" Tufts said.

Jansing raised the stakes later in the interview, asking Tufts whether a presidential run was in his future.

"I want to be a president," Tufts replied.

The AP reported earlier in August that Tufts was first elected mayor of the town at age three. He earned a second term on Sunday, Aug. 4 at the annual Taste of Dorset. Dorset, Minn. is town that has no formal government, a population of around two dozen people, and an election rule that you can vote as many times as you like for a $1 donation, the AP added.

WATCH the full interview below (via MSNBC):

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