Bobcat Catches Shark In Photo Experts Say Is Probably Real

Bobcat Fights A Shark... And Wins!

Is it real? Could it possibly be real? Turns out the answer is... probably.

A photo of a bobcat emerging from the water with a shark in its jaws at Florida's Sebastian Inlet State Park set social media practically on fire on Tuesday, with many believing the image to be a hoax.


Wildlife experts say they have no idea whether the specific photo is real, but point out that it's not unrealistic, either.

“Would they go into the surf and pull out a shark? Darn right they would,” wildlife biologist Robert King, who has studied bobcats in the Everglades, told the Miami Herald. “Unless it’s been photo-shopped, I believe it.”

David Hitzig, director of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, told CBS 12 station that Florida bobcats are known to hunt along beaches.

"There is no reason to believe it’s fake,” Liz Barraco of the Florida Wildlife Commission told WPFV.

The real surprise isn't a bobcat snatching a shark. It's the fact that someone managed to photograph it, because bobcats are shy and tend to avoid humans.

“My first reaction was amazement that somebody actually took that picture because bobcats are generally very, very reclusive. You don't really see them out and about too often,” Busch Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Care Director Amy Kight told WPTV.

The image was snapped by John Bailey on Monday evening, using an iPhone. He told the Herald that at first he thought he it was a dog.

"Initially, it was pretty quick," Bailey told "Spotted it, pulled it up (and) the shark floundered for a while."

He said once the bobcat noticed him, it dropped the shark and bolted for the woods.

"I was so fascinated, I didn't think about being in danger," Bailey said.

So now we know a bobcat could take a shark. But how about a lion vs. a tuna?

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