High School Student Kills Bobcat, Hangs It From Goalpost: Cops (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

A rivalry between two high schools was taken too far when police said a student killed a bobcat before stringing it up by its neck on a goalpost.

The 16-year-old Tennessee high schooler was charged with killing a bobcat out of season, and may face expulsion, NewsChannel 5 reported Oct. 30.

Students at Tullahoma High School found the bobcat hanging from their football goalpost Tuesday morning. Authorities said the student who placed the bobcat there was from a rival school, Coffee County Central. The schools were scheduled to play their annual football game on Friday, according to the Tullahoma News.


The mascot for Tullahoma High School is a wildcat.

“That is not a good way to treat a critter for a prank, that’s for sure,” Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency spokesman Doug Markham said.

The accused student could face a $50 fine and court costs for killing the bobcat out of season.

Tullahoma High School beat Coffee County Central in last Friday's football game, 20-7.