Spot The Camouflaged Bobcats And Win Self-Satisfaction

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources showed the animals are "crafty hunters."

These camouflaged cats like to play hide-and-seek.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recently posted a photo of two bobcats blending into a snowy setting in Lincoln County and asked its Facebook visitors to spot them. (Check out the image below.)

One is a bit more obvious than the other but even if you do find both animals (a likelihood), you can still see how they use stealth to capture their quarry.

“Bobcats are crafty hunters, and with small prey, they will wait motionless and then pounce,” the department wrote. “Bobcats hunt small mammals, like eastern cottontail rabbits and snowshoe hares, as well as birds and even reptiles.”

Give up? One is walking on the icy water in the lower middle of the picture and the other is perched on what appears to be a big leaning tree trunk just before it forks out.

The “ment” in the department name over the photo partially obscures the higher animal, but bobcats won’t have that advantage in nature.

Apparently they do just fine without Facebook’s help anyway ― and against more imposing game if need be. “They can even hunt and kill animals much larger than they are,” AZ Animals notes. “When they kill deer, they leap onto the deer’s back from a tree and bite its throat.”

In the mood for finding another camouflaged critter? Spot the venomous creature in this photo posted by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources a couple of months ago.

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