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Bobs Become Lobs as Hair Trends Longer: Top Knot Options for the Gym or Night out

These updos are quick and easy techniques for a quick trip to the gym, grocery store or a romantic night on the town.
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Have you noticed? Hair is trending longer. Bobs are morphing into lobs, even pixies are getting longer ... these are still pixies, fun, easy and youthful but with more length.

The other thing I've seen trending is top knots. Some of these are really simple and to the point but the ballerina bun that was riding high for a few years is taking on some creative new cousins with upside-down braids and cool, artful twists, which gives us something to do with that longer hair when we're looking for a quick change of scenery in the mirror! These updos are quick and easy techniques for a quick trip to the gym, grocery store or a romantic night on the town.

Here's how to do the upside-down braid: Start a french braid or twist at the nape of the neck, near the hairline. Braid up toward the top of the head. Just over the crown, take remainder of hair and twist it into a fun knot on top. You can do this from the forehead back, braid or twist toward the crown then take remainder and do a fun bun.

British Singer Rita Ora wore a really cool, artsy knot at the American Music Awards in November to go with her strapless yellow gown. She was something of a standout on the red carpets there at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles where the dominant looks were ... long and wavy!

Back to trending long hair. We saw a lot of it at the AMAs. Superstar singers Lorde, Jennifer Lopez and Jordan Sparks all had variations of long hair. Lorde wore hers in signature, piecey, pulled-out curls and waves. Sparks boasted terrific volume with lots of tight curls. Jennifer Lopez wore a slick-back wet look with soft ends. Beautiful stuff, all of it.

Same at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this month, we saw lots of long, wavy hair. Stunning were Amal Clooney with her dark, black wavy hair to match her black gown and long, white gloves with her husband, George Clooney, in a classic tuxedo.

Katie Holmes went long but in a neat, slick ponytail, one of those eternal styles. Jennifer Aniston wore hers pulled back in a neat knot, keeping with another strong trend toward simpler, but elegant cuts and styles.

More trend notes soon ... As always, be open to change!