Chef Shows Us How To Cook 'Bob's Burgers' Specials In Real Life

He even tackles the MEATSIAH.

The daily specials featured on the chalkboard in “Bob’s Burgers” may be pun-inspired delicacies, but they certainly require serious skills to execute in the kitchen.

Chef Andrew Rea takes on a trio of offerings from Bob Belcher’s imagination in the latest episode of “Binging with Babish.”

After warming up with the “Baby You Can Chive My Car Burger,” featuring sour cream, chives and little fried pick wheels on the sides that make it look like a car, and the “Bet It All On Black Garlic Burger” (AKA Stupid Black Garlic Burger), it’s time for the ultimate burger challenge.

The MEATSIAH. Will he die? Maybe...

This incomparable feat of meat patty artistry is made of beef tartare, inside a burger cooked medium-well, inside a burger wellington.

He’s got to be happy with that one.

And if this video doesn’t satisfy your appetite for “Bob’s Burgers” specials, there’s an entire cookbook available to help you cook up Bob’s most delicious creations.

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