Bob Ley Rips Up A FIFA Press Release Live On ESPN

Bob Ley has had it with all this FIFA nonsense.

During a heated discussion with ESPN reporter Jeremy Schaap about Friday's FIFA presidential election, Ley ripped up a press release from FIFA to voice his frustration with the organization.

There will never be another piece of paper ripped so studiously. (Source: The Big Lead)

The broadcaster, who is not known for theatrics, said he shredded the paper to make a point. "For those that say it is base canard and unfair that FIFA makes it up as they go along, they are making it up [rip] as they go along right in front of our face," he said.

Notice the quick glance at his producers after doing the deed. Not that he cares though: He's Bob Ley, and Bob Ley is a boss who doesn't stand for FIFA's smoke and mirrors. Even on live TV.