Bodega Diet: Janine Whiteson Shows How To Do More With Less (VIDEOS)

Sadly, many New Yorkers are forced to use local bodegas as their main food source due to cost and the scarcity of supermarkets in their neighborhoods. This leads to a diet full of high sodium canned goods, sugary cereals, and unhealthy meats and sweets.

But one nutritionist insists the "Bodega Diet" can be a healthy one.

Janine Whiteson, author of the upcoming "Cooking Light: What to Eat," took the Daily News on a tour of the city's bodegas to prove that while the selection at the stores may be slim, one can still maintain healthy eating habits.

WATCH the video below for more:

And someone should tell hip hop artists Loer Velocity and DonnanLinks about the diet. The duo released a song called "Hood Diet" detailing how communities served only be fast food joints and bodegas are suffering: