Body Image Affirmations: 10 Mantras To Help You Stop Stressing About Your Appearance

10 Body Image Affirmations To Help You Stop Stressing Over Your Appearance
young woman standing jumping...
young woman standing jumping...

It can be challenging to feel good about your body when you're surrounded by photos of airbrushed celebrities, dangerous images of 'thinspiration,' and body-shaming friends. In fact, a whopping 90 percent of girls ages 15 to 17 want to change something about the way they look, most frequently citing weight as the reason. And body image issues aren't limited to young women, either -- many teenage boys also struggle with eating disorders and poor self-esteem because of their physical appearance.

In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, we put together the below list of daily body affirmations. Use these sayings whenever you start stressing about your appearance and remember: You are so much more than the way you look!

Tell us: What are your personal body image mantras? How do you stay body-positive? Share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

If you're struggling with an eating disorder, call the National Eating Disorders helpline at 1-800-931-2237.

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10 Body Image Affirmations

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