Body Language Expert to Donald Trump: Get Real

When I heard Donald Trump's comments on Obama's body language during his speech about the shootings of 3 Louisiana police officers over the weekend, I just had to investigate.

Here's Trump's comment on Fox and Friends:

"I watched the President and sometimes the words are OK, but you just look at the body language, there's something going on. Look, there's something going on, and the words are not often OK, by the way."

I suppose he's insinuating that Obama somehow orchestrated the killing or sympathizes with the killers.

So I had to go watch the clip of Obama's address myself. Here's what I saw. I saw a guy who's angry and saddened by what happened. There's no body language to support that he's holding back information, lying or happy about what happened. Obama's body language, words and tone are congruent.

If indeed he is a sympathizer or had something to do with it, we'd see quick sneers and gestures that happened slightly after the correlating words.

You can watch it for yourself here
Mr. Trump, you're doing a great job of stirring people up. But get real. You're no body language expert. You've got the money hire one. Next time do it before you open your mouth. You're making yourself sound ridiculous.