Body Language Gives the Inside Scoop on the Presidential Debates

Here are a few things you'll want to know before Monday night. Why?

That's when first 2 party presidential debate is. I wanted to give you a few things to look for that at a minimum will make it more entertaining for you, and if you're still undecided give you a few tools to help make up your mind.

I was interviewed by Fox Denver on body language during the debates that you'll find interesting. You can click to watch now.

Additionally, I was able to get my hands on a bit of research that explains the different reactions we have to males and females--including Donald and Hillary. It explains the double standard we have in perceptions of emotions behind the candidates facial expressions.

Boiled down, when men scowl, as we see plenty of from Donald, we assume it has to do with the external situation. When women smile or scowl, we assume it has to do with internal emotions. And it's easy to think the lady in question is an angry b@#$%... but this isn't necessarily the case--she can be showing emotion based on what's outside her as well. Click here to read the article.

No matter what side you're on, just make sure you vote. This election is the most important of our time to date and our future depends on it. Go ahead and watch the debate...with the characters we have on stage, it's sure to be the most entertaining we've ever seen.