How Your Body Language May Be Pushing Men Away

It was my friend Ron who first brought to my attention the vibes our body language gives off to men.

One day he said to me, "I bet you love having your neck kissed."

I asked him how he could possibly know this about me.

He said, "Lisa it's so obvious. When you talk, you put your hand under your hair and on your neck. Without realizing it you're showing me you like having your neck touched."

Every time you're with a man or he's with you, each of you is giving off signals that you might not even be aware of.

I want to share some of these with you because once you get this ... it's like having a behind-the-scenes playbook for knowing whether or not he's into you.

Leaning in tells a man you're warm, friendly and interested.

When we like someone, we have a subconscious tendency to lean in towards them.

When you do this or you tip your head or body forward, you are showing a man that you are friendly and warm.

At the same time, you're giving off a vibe that says, I think you're pretty interesting and I'm starting to like you.

When you pull away or sit way back in your chair, in essence you're telling a man that you're turned off and not interested in him.

Want to know if he's interested in you?

If you're standing and talking, look down to see the direction his feet are pointing.

If they're pointing toward you ... it's a good sign that he's into you.

His feet pointed away from you is a pretty good indicator that he's not going to ask you for a second date.

And when he's standing with one foot pointed towards you and one foot towards the door, he's done and ready to go.

When you're on a date, don't cross your arms or put your purse directly in front of your body.

This might seem obvious, but when you do this, you're giving off the vibe of being closed off.

And you're not coming across as either warm, friendly or interested.

If his arms are crossed, it's likely he's either closed off or protecting himself in some way.

When this happens, try leaning in towards him.

This is the signal for letting him know you're interested, which may cause him to drop his arms and open up to you.

If he continues the date with his arms crossed over his chest then chances are this date is heading nowhere.

Use an exit strategy and move on to someone whose body language shows you he's into you.

Don't invade his space by sitting too close when you first meet unless he invites you into his space.

Ever been in an elevator where someone got too close to you?

It feels pretty yucky, don't you think? It feels like someone is trying to invade your space.

The space between five and 18 inches is considered the intimate zone.

It's a great space to be in when you're in a relationship and you want romance and intimacy.

But when you're just meeting someone stay a little more than an arms length from them unless they give you signals via touch or a kiss to come in closer.

Matching body posture makes a man feel like you understand him.

When he leans in, you lean in. When he pulls back, you do the same.

But a word of warning here ... don't match any man's aggression or anger.

Touch is important!

When a man tells a story and you agree with him, lightly touch him on the arm as you share that you understand.

Most people like touch and respond to it in a positive way.

That's because touch feels good and makes the person being touched feel special.

And we all love feeling special ... right?

Next time you're on a date, start paying attention to the vibes you're both giving off.

If you'd like to know more about body language, there's an amazing book called "Snap" by Patti Wood that will fill you in on this interesting science.

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