5 Body Modifications That Can Give You A Sixth Sense

Body modification has taken on vastly different meanings over the years, from wearing makeup and piercing our ears to getting tattoos and going to tanning salons. As the Verge and futurist blog i09 have reported, body modification now even covers "biohackers" who seek to make changes to their bodies so they can gain additional senses.

This new form of body modification may be heading mainstream -- and fast. Implants are becoming less taboo, and many have talked to Gizmodo and NPR about the advantages of magnet-studded fingers so they can sense electricity. Medical researchers recently made a prototype of a device that's implanted under your skin, analyzes your blood concentration, and sends that information to your mobile device. There's even a Barcelona-based Cyborg Foundation dedicated entirely to the production of new senses.

See below for five new senses you can get through body modification.

Body Modifications That Give You A Sixth Sense