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12 Body Positive Quotes To Remember This Weekend

'Cause it's the freakin' weekend and you already look fly.

It’s Friday y’all, which means it’s time to hit the town.

But sometimes it feels hard to live a full life when you’re down about your body. As food coach and body acceptance activist Isabel Foxen Duke once wrote, “Your weight does not determine your body image; your weight does not determine whether or not you ‘feel good in your body,’ your weight does not determine how sexy you get to feel, your weight is actually irrelevant. It’s your perception of your weight that dictates how you feel about yourself. Not your weight itself.”

On that note, we wanted to remind you this weekend that every single body is gorgeous. So please, check out the roundup below of body positivity on social media this week, then hit your mirror and like what you see.

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