I Was Body Shamed At The Gym

Walking into a gym can be a source of endless anxiety. There are unfamiliar machines, shared locker rooms, doubts about personal ability, and sometimes fear of judgment while working out. That judgment can come from other gym members, or as writer Ashlei Bee shared on HuffPost Live, it can even come from trainers themselves.

When Bee joined a top-ranking gym in Toronto, she was asked to do a fitness evaluation on her first visit. "My personal trainer seemed really positive about my attitude, which was I was there to work out. I didn't have any specific weight loss goals," she told host Nancy Redd.

At the end of the evaluation came a weigh-in. Though Bee was happy with her weight, her trainer became fixated with the numbers on the scale. "Once he saw my weight, his attitude changed and he became really negative and he basically wanted me to say that I was fat and that I needed to lose weight, and deep down inside, that was my only reason for being at the gym."

Bee canceled her membership the next day, and switched to another gym where she felt more comfortable.

Also in the conversation were writer Christiana Mbakwe, certified trainer Jill Brown and psychotherapist and executive coach Jonathan Alpert.