Body Types Comic By Molly Alice Hoy Reminds Us That We're All Awesome


As summer (slowly) approaches, we're inundated with articles about "how to dress for your body shape" and "the right bathing suit for your type."

So is Molly Alice Hoy, an illustrator who posted this comic on her Tumblr.

body types comic

"I got the idea for this comic while in the shower (where else?)," Hoy told The Huffington Post in an email. "I was having a bad body image day, and this was just meant to be a silly little doodle I did to cheer myself up."

The image has been shared over 33,000 times on Tumblr, which is a huge surprise to Hoy. She wrote:

"Even though I was (and still am!) overwhelmed by how popular it’s become, I’m glad so many others can relate to it, and I hope it continues to inspire people to embrace their own unique and awesome shapes!"

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