John Boehner's Toy Monkey Video Is... Incredible

WASHINGTON -- An ostensibly lighthearted video is a window into House Speaker John Boehner's soul.

In the clip a toy monkey delights little children gathered around the Ohio Republican, who tells the children that the chattering monkey is actually his life.

"That's what I do all day!" says Boehner, whose job is to control an uncontrollable group of people. "My staff gave it to me. Every fifteen, thirty minutes they come in and wind me up and I do my thing."

A Boehner spokesman explained in a blog post that they bought Boehner the monkey in 2011 because the speaker once "joked in an interview that some days he felt like a windup toy because his jam-packed scheduled kept him so busy."

SPOILER ALERT: At the end of the video, the Boehner monkey falls off a coffee table.



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