Boehner On His Relationship With Obama: 'We Talk About Golf... Our Skin Color' (VIDEO)

House Minority Leader John Boehner spoke out about his relationship and interactions with President Obama on Monday night during an appearance on Fox News.

"First thing that happens is, you know, I come in and he'll say Boehner, you're almost as dark as me," joked the Ohio Republican to FNC host Sean Hannity. "You know, I listen. We talk about golf. We'll talk about our skin color. We have a nice relationship."

Boehner, however, then identified what he described as the deal breaker when it comes to their relationship. He explained, "The problem we have is that when we talk to each other, there's no connection."

Responding to a question, the ranking Republican also said that he and the president don't smoke cigarettes together.


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