Boehner Pessimistic That He'll Be Able To Do Much To Solve Unemployment

Over at Slate, Dave Weigel flags this tweet from incoming House Speaker John Boehner, in which he seems to be awfully pessimistic about the prospects that the House GOP, under his leadership, will be able to do much to help the unemployed.

RT @JimPethokoukis Financial Times: Federal Reserve now expects unemployment will be 8% or higher through the end of 2012 #wherearethejobsless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®


I'm going to be generous in my assumptions and suggest that John Boehner is just as worried about the massive unemployment crisis as I am. The good news, for John Boehner, however, is that he commands a large caucus of legislators and is thus perfectly capable of crafting policy and passing legislation that can ameliorate the joblessness problem. Of course, whatever he and his caucus comes up with will have to be something that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and twelve other Senate Democrats can agree with, and that President Obama will willingly sign into law.

That sounds like a tough haul, but that's the job the Boehner's signed up to do for the next two years. Fortunately for John Boehner, I am reliably informed that this is a center-right nation, so doing something about unemployment might not be that difficult. At any rate, my advice to Boehner is to get cracking on that, and prove all of Joe Scarborough's pals wrong!

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