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Boehner's Big "Idea"

Boehner's Big "Idea"
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John Boehner has a lot of bad ideas (like opposing health care, privatizing Social Security and supporting Palin for VP). But today's idea may top them all. His latest federal policy "proposal" is that there shouldn't be any. No rules. No nothing. Schools out!

The timing of his call for a moratorium on new federal regulations is impeccable.

He waited until the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico reached such catastrophic proportions that even people who hate regulations now crave them. He waited until the day after the Senate passed the hugely popular sweeping reform to regulate the fat cats on Wall Street. In fact, he even waited until regulations got popular with the public. He even waited until health care started becoming popular again - with a clear majority against repeal.

It may be that the Minority Leader is tired of being one-upped by Mitch McConnell and is jealous he doesn't have a filibuster of his own. The Republicans in the Senate have elevated saying "no" to an art form.

The Republicans in the Senate said no to unemployment benefits, no to aid to the states, no to creating jobs, no to standing up to Wall Street. They have been talking a lot recently about extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich - no matter how much that increases the deficit - but they won't extend unemployment benefits because that will increase the deficit.

Today Boehner said "having a moratorium is a good idea" because it will give the "private sector some breathing room." Sure. Just like unemployment gives people free time. And oil spills give enviros something to do.

Joking aside, a moratorium on regulations is not going to create jobs and jump-start the economy and that's what we need. A real recovery package will. All the Republicans want to do is return to the policies of George W. Bush and let the greedy corporations run the show.

Boehner's big idea today is so silly it's almost comical. So let's chuckle for a moment and stay focused on November.

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