Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Sits In California Man's Garage (VIDEO)

A Pleasanton, California man has spent the last 12 years constructing an at-home -- actually, in-garage -- flight simulator. Using the shell of a 1969 Lufthansa Boeing 737-100, James Price created one of the only flight simulators based in an actual airplane shell, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Price isn't a flight novice. He works as an air traffic controller at Oakland Air Traffic Control Center and is also a private pilot.

He created the simulator to have visuals that make him feel like he's flying all over the world, he told the paper, adding that he wanted to "trick your mind to feel like you're flying." The paper reports that the device has cost him $150,000 so far.

Though Price started the project in 2000, the simulator has only been in his three-car garage for three years; it was in an airport hangar before that.

Price told the paper: "I don't think it will ever really be finished...I will tinker with it for years to come. There is always some new technology coming along that is too irresistible not to add to my project. ... This is pretty fulfilling. I can both practice and realize my dream to fly jets. Everybody has to have their crazy hobby."

Check out his "big boy toy" below.