12 Bohemian Bedrooms Filled With Exotic Decor And Plenty Of Color (PHOTOS)

Forget "Shabby Chic" -- boho is the new way to create a romantic vibe.

Boho style can get a bit of a bad rap, bringing to mind messy, Olsen-esque ensembles. When it comes to decor, we think of papasan chairs and futons. Well, we'd like to change your mind about this exotic, colorful and romantic way of decorating. It's easy to replicate, involving little more than layering fabrics, colors and adding a bit of art. Still don't believe us? Check out these 12 bohemian bedrooms that are sure to inspire.

Bright fabrics are a must.
It also helps to a lot of funky patterns.
And don't forget the pillows -- a lot of them.
How gorgeous is that painting?
We're loving the paint job on this one.
Is that a bear bench?
Clothes can also be a part of a gallery wall.
How dreamy is that bed?
We love that headboard's rustic feeling.
Chandeliers can be bohemian, too.
Heavy drapes also provide an exotic feeling.
Another stylish headboard.

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