Woman Finds Rodent Boiled In Peanuts At Military Mini Mart

No no no nonononono.

While the rest of the Internet was rooting for New York's Pizza Rat, one woman was trying to hold back vomit after discovering Hawaii's Boiled Peanut Mouse.

Please, let us explain.

Jenny Bugliesi was shopping at a convenience store on a military reserve in Hawaii when she decided to fill herself a cup of Cajun boiled peanuts from the store's self-serve pot.

"I was kinda scraping the bottom and I was joking like, 'Oh I hope there's enough to fill up my cup,'" Bugliesi told local news station Hawaii News Now. "And all of a sudden ... I'm like, 'Oh my gosh! Look at this.'

She pulled the ladle out of the pot, and on it lay two peanuts and the head and torso of a dead rodent.

"It was huge!" Ashley Anderson, a friend of Bugliesi who was there during the discovery, told the news station. "It's like two peanuts put together and it's deteriorated. There's no fur."

WARNING: Some may find the image below really, really gross.

 The Army and Air Force Exchange Service, which oversees all military stores, told Hawaii News Now that once the "partial mouse" was discovered, they removed the peanuts from stock and notified Preventative Medicine, who is currently investigating how the mouse made it into the pot. 

Bugliesi and the Pizza Rat did not immediately respond to HuffPost's request for comment. 

R.I.P., Boiled Peanut Mouse.


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