Boiling It Down: The Right to Bare Arms

In contemporary American society, both men and women have the right to wear shirts. These shirts can have sleeves of various lengths. When it's hot outside, many folks prefer short sleeve shirts. Women can choose to wear short sleeve shirts, or sleeveless shirts, for that matter. Therefore, in our society women have the right to bare arms.

If this woman wants to carry a gun, she can obtain the necessary permits, as demanded by the local authorities. Then the woman with bare arms can bear arms.

I don't believe that bearing arms with bare arms poses a problem. However, if the woman goes into the woods to hunt, she might shoot an animal and do a bear harm.

Bears don't wear shirts. To my knowledge, bears don't wear any clothing. So bears run around the woods in the nude. In the cold weather, wouldn't a bear prefer to wear at least a shirt? You can paws for a moment to think about that.