Boise State Banned By Mountain West From Wearing Blue Uniforms On Smurf Turf (VIDEO)

College football is a sport of pageantry and traditions. Among these long traditions include "dotting the i" at Ohio State, rubbing Howard's rock at Clemson, and losing at Duke.

In recent years another signature college football tradition has emerged: Boise State's Blue 'Smurf' Turf.

Watching the team play opponents on blue turf in blue uniforms is certainly a site to behold, but some, such as San Diego State head football coach Rocky Long, feel it gives the Bronco's an unfair advantage.

"I think they ought to get rid of that blue turf," he told the Idaho Statesmen in April. "I think it's unfair. People think I’m crazy when I say this, but other coaches say the same thing."

It appears Long's sentiments have been heeded, as this season Boise State, who will be playing as a member of the Mountain West conference for the first time, has been told that blue uniforms on blue turf is a no-go for conference games.

MWC commissioner Craig Thompson explained the decision to KBOI2.

"It started obviously at the coaches level, and then the [Athletic Directors] discussed it and ultimately the board of directors said that is apart of the membership agreement," Thompson said.

When asked by a reporter hypothetically what would happen if Boise State came out wearing all blue at home next season, Thompson quickly responded, "They wouldn't."

Boise State head coach Chris Peterson was less than thrilled with the news. “I thought it was ridiculous,” Petersen told ESPN at Mountain West media day. “… That’s our colors. That’s who we are."

Boise State joins the Mountain West as the winningest college football team of the past decade. They have not lost at home since losing to Washington State at Bronco Stadium in 2001.


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