Bolivia Protest Descends On French Embassy To Express Anger Over Evo Morales Plane Diversion

LOOK: Angry Bolivians Burn French Flags At Embassy In La Paz

Angry Bolivians descended on the French Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia, Wednesday to protest unconfirmed reports of France allegedly rerouting the plane of President Evo Morales to Austria on Tuesday, according to ITV. The Local reports that approximately 100 protesters burned French flags and threw stones at the embassy while chanting, "Hypocrite France! Colonizer France," and "Fascist France, get out of Bolivia!"

Bolivia accused France, Portugal, and Italy of refusing Morales' plane access to their airspace on suspicion that it was carrying NSA leaker Edward Snowden out of Moscow. Morales had been attending a summit in the Russian capital. According to the Associated Press, Snowden is believed to still be in Moscow, while French and Portuguese officials have denied forbidding the plane access.

According to Agence France-Presse, the presidential palace in La Paz announced that rallies would take place at the embassies of France, Portugal, Italy, and the United States, which is seeking Snowden's return in order to prosecute him on charges of espionage. Community leader Jorge Chura told ITV that the La Paz protest was organized to tell France and Portugal "that they have no right to deny the president of a country, such as Bolivia, to land."

Check out photos of Bolivian protesters venting anger at the French Embassy below:

Protests Outside The French Embassy

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