Bolivia's 'People's Conference' On Climate Change Kicks Off With Opening Ceremony (VIDEO)

The World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth kicked off Tuesday with an opening ceremony in Tiquipaya, Bolivia, Reuters reported.

Over 15,000 people from about 130 countries are expected to attend the actual conference in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Indigenous leaders, activists and scientists were present for the opening ceremony, where Bolivian President Evo Morales made opening remarks that condemned the failed UN climate talks, Reuters reported.

"We are gathered here because the so-called developed countries didn't meet their obligation of establishing substantial commitments to cutting greenhouse gas emissions in Copenhagen," Morales said. "If those countries had respected the Kyoto Protocol and had agreed to substantially reduce the emissions inside their borders, this conference wouldn't be necessary."

The anti-establishment mood was especially apparent when Alisha Barcena took the stage, representing UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and was greeted with jeers from the crowd.

The conference aims to focus on less-talked about topics, such as climate migration and the rights of Mother Earth, Reuters reported. Morales also plans on proposing a world referendum that will ask up to two billion people worldwide what steps they think governments should take.

WATCH the opening ceremony: