Buzzing Sex Toy Sparks Bomb Scare

Cops were called to a recycling bin in Modena, Italy.

A vibrating sex toy triggered a bomb scare in the northern Italian town of Modena on Wednesday night.

A resident called police to report "suspicious vibrations" coming from a roadside plastic recycling bin, the ANSA news agency reports.

The street was shut down and a 650-foot area cordoned off as fire crews also attended and found a buzzing sex toy.

It was vibrating because its batteries hadn't been removed before disposal, according to The Local. The gadget's previous owner has not been identified.

In September, authorities locked down parts of Genoa, some 200 miles west of Modena, after a pressure cooker filled with minestrone soup left at a disused train station platform was mistaken for an explosive.

In the same month, a chocolate factory worker in Vermont called in a bomb threat to try and get fired. It worked.

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