Bomb Squad Takes 3 Hours To Determine Package Is Just Mexican Jumping Beans

Authorities in California evacuated homes and blocked off a street for three hours while investigating reports of a suspicious package.

The contents of the threatening package? Mexican jumping beans.

A U.S. postal worker in the town of Carlsbad alerted authorities to the package on Saturday after hearing a ticking sound, according to Fox 5 San Diego.

Three hours later, San Diego Sheriff’s Bomb And Arson Unit determined the package contained the jumping beans.

The bomb squad got the package out of the truck, put it on an open grassy area and used a robot with a water canon to blast open the package, Koran said. That's when they discovered that the sounds had been coming from jumping beans, which contain a tiny moth larvae that writhes around when its pod gets warm.

“It was a little funny and made a serious situation humorous, but it is sad that police had to waste their time on a toy,” a neighbor told Fox 5.