Iowa Man Calls In Bomb Threat Because He Didn't Get Sauce For Chicken McNuggets

Things got heated.

Police say an Iowa man attempted to get revenge on his local McDonald’s after he was shafted out of sauce for his Chicken McNuggets ― but things blew up in his face.

Ankeny police arrested Robert Golwitzer Jr. on Saturday night after he allegedly threatened to blow up the restaurant and punch an employee over missing condiments, according to ABC affiliate WHO.

Investigators told the station that the 42-year-old suspect called the fast-food chain after discovering his order was incorrect.

After police contacted Golwitzer, the sauce-craving suspect admitted to making the threats.

Authorities arrested Golwitzer Saturday night and charged him with a felony charge of making a false report of explosive or incendiary device, according to CBS affiliate KCCI.

On Sunday, he was released from Polk County Jail after posting bond.

People have made some really bizarre bogus bomb threats before.

For instance, in January 2019, a 23-year-old college student in Rennes, France, called in a fake bomb threat so he wouldn’t have to see his parents.

In November 2018, a New Orleans man accused of threatening to blow up a local restaurant told police he was referring to a bowel movement.

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