Bon Iver's Workout DVD (VIDEO)

Are you a human enigma? Does your love for woodsy, angelic folk music and the sweaty spandex just not add up? Don't fret, Bon Iver is here to make sure that sensitive hipsters can get buff too. Although at first thought to be some kind of joke, singer Justin Vernon has released a trailer for a very genuine workout DVD providing the benefits exercise to an alternate audience. In the words of Bon Iver music video director Dan Huiting: "It’s a legit workout DVD. Straight up, for real."

The video will provide an opportunity to exercise to music not often paired with the elliptical, from bands like Bon Iver, S. Carey, Megafaun, and We are the Willows; as Huiting put it: "cool music instead of something stupid." The video will be around 50 minutes, divided into a weight circuit, body circuit and ab circuit. The video takes place in Vernon's yard. Watch the trailer for the bizarre upcoming DVD below: