Bon Jovi Throws Impromptu 4th Of July Concert (AUDIO)

The 4th of July is a hit or miss holiday. I enjoy the parades and free pass to eat nitrates, but I'm kind of over fireworks (so sad) and therefore need another activity for the evening. That, predictably, turned out to be drinking with friends. We went over to the Blue Parrot in East Hampton for sour margaritas and sweeter conversation when Bon Jovi sauntered in with the editor of "Allure." We gawked as we drank and talked about stealing various parts of his wardrobe until he got up, grabbed one of the guitars off the wall and began playing.

After a brief period of tuning he put on an impromptu show that was the highlight of my sad sad life. You see, Bon Jovi was my third grade crush, the love of my young life, and considering I was just dumped, this was an excellent reminder that life has a sense of humor and we live it on its own terms or face peril (aka missing the opportunity to be five feet away from Bon Jovi).

He started off with "Who Says You Can't Go Home?" that had the crowd both gaping in amazement and singing aloud at the top of their lungs. He followed up with a short rendition of "Free Bird" before trying to hang up the guitar to massive jeers. He gave in to his now raucous crowd by playing a soft and sweet version of "Dead or Alive," that I may or may not be the person screaming the lyrics along loudly to in the audio below. Enjoy!

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

Dead or Alive