Bone Broth: The Hottest Trend for Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Bone Broth: The Hottest Trend for Physical and Mental Wellbeing
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They say history repeats itself. Nowhere is this more evident than in America's newest beverage trend for improved health: bone broth. Our grandmothers and great-great grandmothers would be proud. Their simple staple for adding flavor and nourishment to their menus has now become a "hot product" for millions of Americans on a daily basis.

Why are so many Americans ordering cups of bone broth on the go instead of their daily coffees and chai lattes? The trend is so popular today that the term "broth-ers" was coined to describe those businesses and eaters who recognize the broth's specific benefits for improving overall health and wellbeing. While it's easy to make bone broth at home, health-conscious consumers can also get their daily fix from storefront windows, select butchers or by ordering frozen supplies online.


What's So Great about Bone Broth?
Though not scientifically proven, generations of people across different cultures attest to the medicinal effects of bone broth. The key to broth -- and its health benefits -- is the nutritional content of its bones (no matter the animal). They contain a wide range of important protein, collagen, glucosamine, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The bone contents contribute to alleviating aches and pains, healing digestive issues, and boosting our immune systems. Plus, bone broth is a source of minerals and nutrients that is easy for our bodies to absorb.

The Actual Health Benefits
According to broth devotees, here are some of the healing properties associated with the nutritional superfood:

· Improves digestion
· Heals leaky gut syndrome and seals the gut lining
· Boosts immune system
· Protects against illness, infection and environmental toxins
· Eases inflammation and joint pain
· Helps with muscle and joint repair, specifically collagen and cartilage repair
· Promotes healthy hair growth, skin
· Strengthens bones and teeth

If preparing the broth at home, note that the longer the bones simmer (on a low heat), the more nutrients are extracted from them. It helps to add into the pot something acidic, like vinegar or tomato paste, to further loosen and break down the bones. Broth preparation can take anywhere between 12 and 24+ hours. And don't forget the vegetables!

Another Positive Side Effect

Even those people who have yet to see broth-related health improvements admit to feeling better just by drinking it regularly. Why? Call it the placebo effect, but it seems that incorporating the broth into their daily lives positively influences their mindset.

By drinking it, they are proactively deciding to be healthy -- all day, every day. Broth drinkers say that they tend choose healthier meal and snack options instead of junk food. This positive self-awareness extends to other aspects of their lives too, including working more productively, feeling energized to exercise more, etc.

The bottom line: a healthy mindset contributes to healthy living. If bone broth helps you achieve this mindset, then bottoms up!

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