Bones Found In English River By Boys Discovered To Be About 1,000 Years Old

She's 1,000 years old and a long way from home.

In July, two English teens found human remains in the Coln River in Gloucestershire. Police brought in forensic investigators to find out more about the bones. The Gloucestershire Police announced their findings in a statement on their website.

"A forensic anthropologist has been examining them to help identify when the individual passed away... Today it has been confirmed that the remains are that of a woman from Sub-Saharan Africa and are dated between 896AD and 1025AD," police said in the statement.

The Daily Mail estimates that the skeleton of the ancient woman traveled about 3,000 miles from her home. Police said that the remains will likely go to a museum or university.

Police knew that the bones were old, but this is the most accurate dating of the remains yet.

"I thought someone had got murdered and dumped in here, but then the police rang up on the phone and said it was 700 years-plus old, so I wasn't really worried then," Christian Thompson, one of the boys who discovered the remains told the BBC when they were found in July.